The twelve hour time change from Ljubljana, Slovenia to Honolulu was a trip. In a span of eight days I was in Ljubljana, Venice, Amsterdam, Dallas, Minneapolis, Madison, Chicago, and Honolulu. It was special singing at my childhood friend’s wedding on the East Shore of Oahu. I got to reconnect with a few friends from home and their farmily up at Mohala Farms on the North Shore. We managed to fit seven people in a tiny car, play in waterfalls, make music in a traditional Hawaiian Hale (open-air building), and witness the brightest shooting star I’ve ever seen.

I hopped on a plane to the Big Island for the Ohana Tour. We had great shows in Waimea, Kona, Hawi, Hilo, and Pahoa. We sang our hearts out with Tiana & Off The Grid, Amber Westerman, Ydine, Seth ‘Stoneman’ Robinson, Tyler Alai, and Colleen Songbird. The musical family we have around the world is absolutely beautiful.

I wish everyone treated each other like their like Ohana (family). The ‘Aina teaches us we all live on a tiny island and need to take care of each other and the land. The islands constantly remind us that the best things in life are free: sunrises, sunsets, stargazing, smiles, friendship, laughter, time with family, and unconditional love.

We miss our Hawaii Ohana deeply. One year ago today, we had our “Perfect Love” album release party at the Hawi Kava Kafe with Cosmic Serenity. A big mahalo (thank you) to everyone who has purchased and/or shared our music. You can listen to the live “Perfect Love” album here, “Perfect Love” features Maggie Poff (vocals), Kaahele (vocals), Sean Murray (bass), Christopher McNinch (percussion), and Sam Elliott (didgeridoo). The album was recorded and produced by Will Bailey (Will Bailey Productions).