“The ‘Give Back EP’ has been on my playlist continuously since its release last year, and I look forward to seeing what he has coming down the pike for 2017… Jeffrey James, in my professional opinion, is one of our industry’s future music giants and he will have a long, successful career composing, recording, and performing his musical creations.’ – Jamie Dow, CEO Sunny-One Entertainment Consultants in Hollywood, California.

“James, who spent some time in Hawaii, is an unofficial ambassador for Madison: He wrote an anthem titled “Home Again,” and the song’s video (shot downtown) is as perfect as a summer night on the Union Terrace.’ – Isthmus Madison

“Hauntingly Beautiful’ – Rev. Sue Crane, Honolulu One Spirit Center

“James has been traveling and performing for the past seven years, singing vocals and playing acoustic electric guitar. You can hear the influence of Michael Franti and Jack Johnson in his music and his personal ethos.’ – Laurel Sampson, Northside News