#1 California WorldFest was a dream. I’m still at a loss for words after being featured on the same page as my favorite artist of all time, Michael Franti. We rocked two sets with our band from Hawaii, featuring Tianna Malone Jennings, Erik Avery, Christopher McNinch, EmiLove, and Riconeckt. I also had a blast performing live on KVMR, coming full circle after four years back to the first place I ever performed live on the radio! Big Thanks to Pat Delaney for all his support.

#2 Sommer-Gönnung Festivalin St. Pölten, Austria was one of the best nights of my life. The festival had outstanding food, an entire room dedicated to taking silly photos, and multiple performance rooms. A special thanks to Kaahele for singing harmonies and to all our Austrian friends, Valerie, Klaus, Denise, and Wilhelm. They organized a fantastic evening and welcomed us with open arms from the other side of the globe.

#3 First Friday at Bay Front Kava in downtown Hilo, Hawaii is always guaranteed to be a special evening. Shoutout to Kava Dave for his continued support of our musical medicine tribe. Big thanks to Y’dine, Kaahele, Maggie Poff (vocals), Sean Murray (bass) and Christopher MnNinch (percussion) for sharing the stage and their incredible talent. Also, a heartfelt Mahalo to our beautiful and supportive friends and fans on the big island. We wouldn’t be here without you.

#4 Platea Madrid was the largest stage I’ve ever performed on. Complete with in ear monitors, and massive screens with my face/name all over the building. A huge thanks to Natali Castillo for the opportunity and for sharing her band, Guido Farusi (bass), and Carlos on the drums.

#5 Between The Waves music festival in my hometown Madison, WI was a game changer. Apart from seeing The Avett Brothers performance and panel on Songwriting, I met so many musicians and learned so much about the music industry. It wouldn’t have been the same without Mary Hoffman on the violin.

Happy New Year everyone! Thanks for all your love and support in 2017. Y’all made it the most rewarding and adventurous year ever for me! I could not have done it without you.